My name is Roger Alec Smith.  I have been walking in faith with the Lord for eleven years.  In this time I have obtained full knowledge of the purpose that God has called me into being.  I know who I am in the Lord.  I am positioning myself to work in my Lordship not by degree but through demonstration of the wisdom, strength and divine ability God has given me to create.  I have taken the road less traveled so herein lies my challenge.  I have the faith to believe that I don’t need a degree to prove who I am.  Man has created organizations, institutions, and systems. By no means am Idiscrediting them because they serve their purpose.  If a person chooses to work in any organization and it requires a license, certification or degree then by all means get what you need to work in the chosen field.  However, purpose is knowledge from God that  is birth from within a person and learned through relationship and experience with God.  It is not knowledge gathered from men and learned through books.  Therefore I serve the purpose of making people independent from the jobs but interdependent on one another as we are solely dependent on God.  I bring forth such results for mankind by God grace through all that He has given me the divine ability to create.    Although we can not see God physically, His creation of everything in heaven and earth declare that He is God and many of us believe.  Likewise through my creations the world will see Christ  and who I am in Him.  As spiritual beings on this human journey I welcome you to follow the Holyspirit’s blog to God as I present the documentary of my life.

Roger Alec Smith second greatest story ever told as I live and repeat His-story.


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