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Chance comes home

Posted in Blog about Chance Amir Smith on April 26, 2011 by followtheholyspirit

I was blessed to be able to stay in the hospital with my wife from the time she went into labor to when she was discharged.   I will not capture those 57 hour in paragraphs but that wonderful experience will be capture in video and photographs at a later time.  At this time I want to focus on when we came home from the hospital and I had a moment alone with my son Chance.  Besides the background sounds of children laughing and have fun outside in our neighborhood, behind the closed windows and doors of our home there was no noise.  My son and I laid side by side, he was so calm and poised.  I stared at Chance as he slept.  They say take a picture it last longer but the image of this precious moment in my photographic memory will last forever.    Surely it was an O.M.G moment when Chance slowly opened his beedie eyes and smiled. In the hospital my wife’s friend Jennyifer had asked did I cry when Chance was born?  I replied no but in my o.m.g moment I cried tears of joy.  As I gazed into Chances eyes in complete admiration, I thought how long I had hoped and prayed for God to bless me with a child.  Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is like  cold water in a hot and dry dessert.  My longing fulfilled,… my dream was realized.

moment 4 life

God you are glorified!!

My son was right before my eyes, side by side looking into each others eyes.  I was mesmerized and falling deep in love with my child.  I sensed a greater love for God.  I also sensed and beheld another level of respect and love for my wife.  My God you are glorified right now and forever.  I love you in all your ways.  My God I am in awe how you have divinely design such a strong, magnificent bond between yourself, man, woman and child.

–       R.A.S