Blog about Chance Amir Smith

Today is march 27th, 2011.  My wife Michaelle Smith is 37 weeks pregnant with my first son Chance Amir Smith.  We are expecting Chance Amir Smith to be born on April 17th, 2011.  I have decided to blog about my experience with my first child.  I will begin with the meaning and reason of his name.  Chance is opportunity.  Chance is possibility.  Chance in essence is faith.  Amir means proclaimed and powerful.  Smith is simply an excellent breed passed on from my ambitious grandfather.   The reason I named him chance is because on March of the year 2000 in my son’s name Chance whom I looked forward in faith of having as my child in the future.  I took a chance in other words a step of faith to follow Jesus Christ.  In my 11 years of walking in faith I’ve sought God’s kingdom and righteousness in other words, His word, thoughts and way.  Now I am established on God’s word.  Michaelle and I are building our investors club and financial movement on the foundation of God’s word to become financially established.  Therefore when Chance is born, as he grows older, he will be taught the way of God’s kingdom and righteousness.  Surely he will not have to be socially influenced or force to choose the way of the world or the American system which is to 1st seek after money, education, houses, cars, and material possessions.


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