A vision of myself in God

I had a vision of myself in God.  God said and I said what He said like a son repeating after his father.  God said, ”  I put everything together that you would need in this life before you knew me, even before you knew who you thought you were.”  ”  You will not come to know me and even who you truly are in me because your time, effort, energy, and attention is consumed by what you find valuable in your own life.  Will you surrender your own life for my sake so that you may truly have life and not merely only survive?  I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No man comes to the Holy Father except through me.  I was able to relate to my Lord and heavenly Father as I saw His truth in me .  I said Lord and Heavenly Father I have surrendered my own life in the world for your name sake .   As a result I have come to know you and who I am in you.  Father you have giving me life more abundantly.  Following in your footsteps Lord  I have put things together that show your sons and daughters your way before they know who I am and even who they truly are in us.  I have seen and know Father that their time, effort, energy and attention have been consumed by what they find valuable in their own lives.  I know Father as I am patient, obedient, and diligent in doing your work you are manifesting yourself more and more to me therefore super naturally I know I will manifest and be seen by the world. Thy will be done.  Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.


– R.A.S


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