Blog to God: Documentary of Roger Alec Smith ” Bronx New York”

Bronx, New York is the place where hip hop was born.   B.X. was also the place where my mother and I resided in 1978. My mother found work as a live in care taker. She took care of Rita’s elderly mother. My mother being a care taker and living in really worked out well because it put a roof over our heads and  I could stay by my mothers side day in day out.  Priceless.. What a way to make up for lost time we had spent apart when she had left me in Jamaica to come to America. My mother and I had a lot of bonding to do and we did.

I recall my mother dressing me up in a blue and white sailor out fit with a red bow tie. Watch out B.X here we come.  We would explore the city by bus or we would take the subway.   I recall going to the super market and ladies would say  how adorable I was, pinch and kiss me on my cheeks. It was wonderful being a four year old. It was good times at least for a moment. I found out how everything could change in a New York minute.

The time had come for me to start kindergarten. What had happen? Had I taken a bite of the big apple?  Why did I have to leave my mother presences to be amongst all these screaming and crying children like myself?  It was a unforgettable moment in my short life. In a New York minute June 2 1979 my mother gave birth to my sister Cheryl. My mothers new bundle of joy… Joy to the world. Things were good for a while. I had my new baby sister and I had gotten use to kindergarten.  It seem like the good times were short and hard times were so long.  In new york minute I don’t know what happen but it was happening so fast and my five year old mind was racing with questions.  Did my mother have more responsibility and little or no dough?  Did my mother’s employer show her the door?  Was the heart of America beating fast?  Was this the pace of New York city or my mother in a rush dragging us from place to place  like Will smith and his son Jaden Smith in the movie pursuit of happiness.  I could see mothers frustrations.  This was no Kindergarten stuff.  It was live.  I was learning real life lessons.  I was beginning to grasp a sense of drive and determination at the age of five.   I take a heavy sigh and kiss that  memory good-bye.

The hard times we faced did past in time and we had settled down.  Going into the eighties I remember most of my mother’s sister and brother had also come to America.  My grandmother Hazel Smith and about seven out of her nine children, including my sister and I all live together in a home on Tilden street.  Then by 1983  the Smith bunch had parted.  My Uncle Oliver had moved in with my grandfather in his home off of Broadway in Manhattan.  My Aunt Nannette, Aunt Carol, Uncle Wayne, Uncle Michael, my mother and sister had moved in home located on Magenta avenue.  My grandmother, Uncle Junior and I had moved in with My great grandmother and great grand father, Uncle Wyatt and his wife Gloria O’meally in their home located on Burke Avenue  in  Bronx, New York.


– R.A.S

Watch video blog to God: ” Bronx New York” on Facebook ( Roger Alec Smith)


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