Blog to God Documentary of Roger Alec Smith: Coming to America

It seems to me, that my mother was a hustler.  I don’t want any of you’s out there to get it confused about my mom.  So in other words my mother was an ambitious, determined, strong  Jamaican black woman who stayed on her grind.  Because we had made it to America in seemingly no time.

It wasn’t just anywhere in America but what is considered the heart of America.  The Big Apple.  The apple of our eyes.  And you say….  New York City!  The city that never sleeps.  How can we with all the people, the noise,  the excitement and the beautiful lights that light up the night!  The place where Frank Sanatra sang start spreading the news.  New York! New York! You all want to be apart of it!  And all my new yorkers say I love New York!   This is not another Bronx tale but I got to represent B.X. every day, all day because this is where my mother and I dwelled in 1977 or 78.  – R.A.S


2 Responses to “Blog to God Documentary of Roger Alec Smith: Coming to America”

  1. Just here to support new up and coming bloggers! Good luck and keep us updated!

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