Blog to God” Documentary of Roger Alec Smith

In my Blog to God daily I’m presenting the documentary of my life. Surely you’ve heard readers are leaders; however even scriptures for many people has been best brought to life through sounds and pictures. Prehaps you’ve seen the passion of Christ and maybe on some Easters or resurrection Sunday’s you’ve taken the time to watch the greatest story ever told. I am telling you the second greatest story ever told as I live and repeat His-story. Jamaica… Jamaica… The beautiful land of Jamaica. Jamaica where legends are born.
I was born in St. Catherine Jamaica on December 12th 1974. In the wonderful seventies is the time my Mother Barbara Elaine Smith gave birth and named me Roger Alec Smith.
As you know Rome wasn’t built in a day. I have only begun to tell you about my old life before I was born again , God made and raised into my new creation, new life. Such history, present and future will take time to tell. In my blog to God day by day I will reveal the mystic, mysterious untold stories of yours truly. In hope for you to come to know and love the character and personality of Roger Alec Smith. All for the purpose of conveying the thoughts in my blog to God far away to up close and personal with God. -R.A.S

P.S. Go to facebook ( Roger Alec Smith) to watch the video of this blog to God.


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  1. Please feel free to reply & subscribe to stay up-to-date with my blog to God. Ain’t no stopping us now. We know who we are. We are going all the way. Let us arrive to our destiny. ( John 14-6)

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